The ever-dynamic politics of Kenya have been particularly fluid recently. Most notable is the shocking decline of the political opposition led by loser Raila Odinga. Odinga has positioned himself as the main political protagonist in the country despite streaks of losses throughout his political career. However, tables have turned and fortune and luck have become elusive to the old political geezer. According to several news and leaked diplomatic reports, including one by Paris based think tank Africa Intelligence, no one wants to associate with Odinga including his close African friends. Africa Intelligence reports that Raila Odinga is having difficulties getting his friends abroad to help him finance his campaign as they did in 2007 and 2013.

For instance, former Nigerian President Olesegun Obassanjo, who publicly backed Odinga in previous elections, decided this time around to keep his purse-strings closed for that current president Uhuru Kenyatta won’t have much trouble in getting re-elected. South Africa’s Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa, and Tanzanian President John Pombe Maghufuli, both very close friends of Odinga remain reluctant to dip their pockets for the opposition leader. All believe Kenyatta will win. Both Ramaphosa and Maghufuli don’t want to risk a diplomatic problem between their countries and Nairobi.

Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, and Hailemariam Desalegn of Ethiopia strongly back Kenyatta. However, their respective opposition have tried secretly to give Odinga a hand including providing saboteurs and militia.

To worsen the already bad situation for Raila Odinga, the United Nations (UN), the Diplomatic community in Kenya, and the European Union have issued a stern warning to Odinga.

In addition to losing the Presidential election on August 8th, Odinga is facing a steeper financial trouble. His molasses and yeast company Spectre International, located in Kisumu and strapped for cash for months, has been unable to pay its workers since June as bills from its suppliers pile up. According to local news and intelligence reports, Spectre International has been forced to shut down a number of production lines.

The Odinga owned firm contacted an external consultant a few months ago and was advised to discourage family members from running the company and turn over the management to external specialists. The firm is ran by Odinga’s wife Ida, his aging brother Oburu, and sister. Ida’s friends have refused to come to the rescue of the Odinga political dynasty.

Jimmy Wanjigi has refused to oil Odinga’s campaign citing losses and a bleak future for his business. In fact, Wanjigi is demanding that NASA reimburse all the funds he advanced for the campaign, allegedly totaling several billion shillings, much of which was spent on hiring helicopters.

Reference: Africa Intelligence