NASA and all its affiliate parties have ordered all the MPs elected under their banner to contribute huge amounts as a way of showing appreciation and reaffirming their loyalty to Raila Amollo Odinga. According to intelligence sources close to the alliance that sought anonymity, re-elected MPs are expected to pay Ksh 500,000, newly elected ones to pay Ksh 200, 000. According to the sources, Raila sensed that the MPs did not appreciate the fact that he was solely responsible for getting them elected.

Raila coerced the mandatory contributions as he thought that the MPs would feel more obliged to campaign for him in the forthcoming elections if they made sizeable contributions. While the mandatory contributions were met with a bit of resistance, the party leaders were commanded to have their followers in order or jeopardize their positions in the coalition.

The ‘selfish 4’ who already anticipate the fall of Raila Odinga have been positioning themselves to take over after Raila’s retirement, and as such, they were forced to use all means necessary to ensure the MPs under their parties towed the line and followed the directive given by Raila Odinga.

The move comes a few days after the principals led by the ‘poster-boy’ running mate Kalonzo Musyoka unveiled the M-Pesa pay bill number that is geared at conning the ODM’s fanatics into contributing to the retirement kitty of Raila Odinga.