Anglo-Leasing scandal was the onset of Kenya’s decline from glory, but the exposure and scandalous aspect did not deter Jimmy Wanjigi and the likes of Musalia Mudavadi and Raila Odinga from stealing from the Kenyan Coffers. Jimmy Wanjigi, the Mastermind of the most inglorious stealing of public funds in Kenya, The Anglo-Leasing Scandal, remains the father figure of grand corruption in Kenya.

Mr. Wanjigi is Kenya’s equivalent of the Russian oligarchs and is one of the few tycoons who quietly control the country. He has been linked to some of the greatest corruption scandals like the Anglo leasing from where he accumulated billions of shillings through government contracts using briefcase companies. He has his hooks in numerous government contracts in the entire East African region and has since been viewed as one of the most corrupt individuals in the region and was banned from traveling to the US and UK after his open involvement in the Anglo Leasing scandal.


Mr. Wanjigi fell out with the Jubilee duo after they refused to entertain his corrupt dealings. With the falling out, the tycoon has put his bet on NASA, hoping to regain his political influence and control over the government and its various organs. That he pulls the political strings at the top echelons of NASA, where he is the fund’s mobiliser, is now widely known and, according to some NASA insiders, he has personally bankrolled most of its campaigns, allowing them to use his private helicopter, registration 5Y-JWJ.

Therefore, Mr. Wanjigi creates a controversy on the legitimacy of the promises of NASA coalition which insist zero tolerance for corruption while they turn back and receive funding from illegally acquired funds. He is projected to earn approximately 1.2 trillion from the Kenyan coffers if Raila Odinga wins the 2017 elections. In a pre-election deal between Jimmy and Raila Odinga Wanjigi’s Kwacha Group will earn 1.2 trillion shillings from various deals which include the Greenfield project, privatization of Kisumu port and fishing industry, coal mining in Kitui, oil refinery and export, expansion of the Standard Gauge Railway, mining and medical supplies to Kenya.