Raila’s meddling in South Sudan and the subsequent assassination of Dr. John Demabior Garang led to the murder of his bastard son Fidel Odinga. The former Kenyan Prime minister played a key role in funding and arming the South Sudanese Opposition since 2007 a crisis that has seen tens of thousands of innocent people lose their lives and hundreds of thousands lose homes. His bastard son, Fidel Odinga was the middle man between the Raila’s family and the South Sudanese rebels which placed a major target on his back.

Raila and Fidel’s relationship was more of business partners than that of father and son, and as such he would be sent by his father to do his bidding and dirty in a bid to keep his name out of the illegal dealings. After the assassination of Garang, his family and close allies vowed to avenge his death seeing as he is the father of the youngest nation in the world. They swore to cause pain in equal measures to the perpetrators of the death of the man that gave his life to ensure that South Sudan was declared independent of the north.

It is due to the reason mentioned above that Fidel Odinga met his gory and untimely death as atonement for his father’s sins and murderous spree. Raila lured Fidel to his premature death by using him as a proxy to advance his political agenda. It was for that reason that a young man left a widow and an innocent child without a father so that Raila can maintain his political mileage.  Hence, without a shred of doubt, Raila Odinga’s active or indirect involvement in the assassination of Dr. John Garang cost Fidel his life in a fair game of an eye for an eye.