Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has on numerous occasions been quoted saying that Former Kenyan PM, Raila Odinga is the reason his bid for the top seat in the country was shattered. Raila and Morgan seemed to share the same fate seeing as they were both brokering a 50-50 sharing plan of power for their countries.

However, while Raila was openly condemning Mugabe’s dictatorial rule, and asking the AU to send troops to oust Mugabe, it was not in full support of Tsvangirai. He was only trying to find a way of fulfilling his dream of having total power and influence in any country’s political matters regardless of which cost the citizenry paid.

The call by Raila to send AU Troops to Zimbabwe was in retaliation for being named persona non-grata by President Robert Mugabe. Raila was named as an enemy of Zimbabwe by Mugabe who said Raila was using his contacts and donors to fund an opposition leader that would end the Mugabe’s rule.

Raila tried to play kingmaker by financing Morgan, and in return, he expected that he would be given a voice in Zimbabwe’s political matters to recompense for the total control Raila lacked at home as he was in a coalition that did not give him absolute power.

When Morgan refused to give Raila a seat as a consultant to his government, he cut the funding he had promised and even tampered with his alternative donors. As such due to his hunger for power and need to remain relevant, he ruined the dream that Morgan Tsvangirai had for Zimbabwe and as such put innocent people under an angry dictator. Moreover, Morgan’s association with Raila prompted his arrest and torture as well as the senseless killings of opposition supporters.