A video going viral on the web shows men secretly conducting surveillance, inspection and possible vulnerability assessment of the incomplete multi-million dollar bridge in Bundalangi Western just few hours after the Mega Bridge collapsed.

Sigiri bridge collapsed two weeks after being launched by President Kenyatta. Police have so far arrested eight (8) people in connection with the incident. Police also reported of steel cut from the bridge and steel cutters that were recovered from the house of one of those arrested; clearly confirming the bridge was vandalized as construction was on progress.

Similarly, another incident took place sometimes in June, days before the official opening of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) by President Kenyatta. In this incident, steel rails, electronic systems and security cabling were vandalized and stolen by unknown people. Later, police traced the stolen equipment and steel from scrap metal dealers. The arrested assailants maintained that they were sold the steel by people they couldn’t identify.

The occurrence of these events confirms a pattern of well laid plans by economic saboteurs. Analysts attribute these incidents to politics and desperation brought forth by panicky opposition coalition tacticians.  Opposition hand in these unfortunate events is aimed at propelling their propaganda campaign against the government projects and with a broader view to discredit a magnificent growth and development by the current regime in Kenya. The Kenyan opposition has resulted to cheap but scorched earth and creative destruction strategies that were used by 17th century civilizations to politically win hearts and minds of citizens.

Why Plunder and Destroy their Own?

Its rather disturbing and an act of desperation, for the opposition to stoop to low by destroying roads and bridges so helpful to the Kenyan public and key pillars of the economy just to gain political mileage. This is the worst form of bigotry, betrayal and cowardice during times peace is being enjoyed by the larger Kenyan populous. The lies about Kenya today and its government are incredible.  These underhand methods demonstrate truly a violent brigade that thrives on bigotry to make an edge political-wise.  Such desire for violence will destroy what the country has gained economically.

Local and international pollsters are putting the incumbent, President Uhuru Kenyatta in a good stead and opposition is using any possible methods to push forth their propaganda through disinformation, creative destruction, and bigotry and scorching the thriving incumbents’ ground.

The use of hate speech, ethnic profiling, and civil unrest has reached worrying levels.  The opposition led by Raila Odinga has tried all means to derail the August polls to no success. Now the opposition insists that it will not accept the election result citing fears that it has already been rigged. This is a call for civil anarchy and ethnic cleansing similar to what was witnessed in 2007.