Some armed pastoralists in Laikipia have been seeing wearing campaign shirts for MP Matthew Lempurkel.

An invader was photographed during the invasion of Suyian ranch on Sunday and Monday when Samburu attackers burned down the lodge buildings.

The Team Lempurkel  wore t-shirts which had the slogan Nkauwo e Nkishu (‘shield of the cattle’ in Samburu).

Lempurkel  also reportedly called Serian FM on November 26  and announced, there is no private land in Laikipia North. The warlord MP who was voted in on ODM ticket has been cited  inciting the pastrolists to take arms and reclaim the tracts of lands owned by the whites.

British Intelligence warn that the incumbent Member of Parliament for Laikipia North Matthew Lempurkel is an ODM member has been used to unleash violence and to destabilize the County that through these ranchers have contributed Sh10 billion county’s economy between 2014 and 2016.

Lempurkel, Raila’s foot soldier is known to supply his Samburu ‘Moran Army’ with guns to aid the attacks. Subsequently opposition chief through Lempurkel are using historical grievances to spur them to invade and forcibly occupy the holdings of all large landowners in the area destroying their properties and killing wild animals.

The situation has exacerbated in recent months, with the killing of Tristan Voorspuy, a dual Kenyan and British national, and the shooting of Kuki Gallmann, the prominent Italian-born Kenyan author a move that angered Britain calling for action against the orchestrators.

The idea of redistributing land among blacks and whites is not new to Africa. In 2001, Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe introduced laws to evict white landowners, who controlled more than half of the country’s agricultural land and now Raila Odinga is following the same footstep to gain political mileage from the Samburu’s (pastoralists) who are being promised these lands.

Locals especially Kikuyus, who are a minority are threatened by these violence and sees a move/plan to dislodge them from their lands in the coming years. Laikipia Farmers’ Association (LFA), which brings together farmers, ranchers and conservationists in the county, said they were unhappy with Raila’s remarks. LFA members’ enterprises are Laikipia’s largest employers, taxpayers, investors and private sponsors of social projects such as education and health and as such attacking them is another economic sabotage of a developing County.