The drug ring consisting of four suspects being held in New York are also accused of ivory trade by US-base detectives.

Baktash and Ibrahim Akasha who are brothers and Kenyan nationals, were nabbed by in Kenya’s coastal city, Mombasa, and flown to New York on January 30 together with an Indian and a Pakistani.

The four charged in smuggling of heroin into the United States (US) risk being sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to Ms. Gretchen Peters, the head of a US company that helps governments fight transnational crime, the four were also involved in the illegal trade of smuggling ivory between and Asia.

Ms. Peters also hinted that there are dozens of sources that include law enforcement investigators linking the Akasha organization to ivory trade.

In one of the records, one of the culprits is heard bragging about ivory he possessed to a DEA source in April 2014.

“I have ivory here from Botswana, from Mozambique, from all over. I have a lot here and it sells,” said Ibrahim Akasha.

The four were arrested when US anti-narcotics agents posed as Colombian drug dealers.