The Republic of Kenya, the largest economy and military super power of East and Central Africa will hold general elections early August 2017. The opposition in Nairobi today is caboodle of former ministers, an ex-Prime Minister, his former assistant, and age old members of August House. The group had used corruption as their mantra and agenda to unseat the current administration headed by President Uhuru Kenyatta who’s seeking a re-election.

At the helm of the opposition coalition bandwagon is 72 year old politically disgraced ex-Prime Minister, Mr Raila Odinga. Odinga has lost countless elections, and pundits and pollsters are insisting he will lose this one. The crescendo of Odinga’s tenure as prime minister was corruption and ethnicity scandals in the coalition government headed by Former President Mwai Kibaki who gracefully retired from politics.

Alongside the presidential elections loser world record holder Odinga are former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, and a former cabinet minister Moses Masika Wetangula who counter-corruption officials accuse of embezzling billions from a transaction in Tokyo Japan. Each of these leaders has been adversely mentioned in corruption scandals. Now they want to govern the richest country in East and Central Africa.

Drug Dealers such Abu Joho and his brother, now a governor of the coastal city of Mombasa Ali Hassan Joho, the Akasha family, and Ali Punjani drug cartel are financing the NASA Opposition coalition. The mastermind of the Aglo-Leasing grand theft and corruption, Jimmy Wanjigi is also putting his money, proceeds of grand theft, in the opposition coalition led by Raila Odinga. If they win the August elections, Kenya would be under control of drug kingpins and the most corrupt mafia families in the region. It’d be chaotic and the most unfortunate events of the world today.

Corruption has been the subject of a substantial amount of theorizing and empirical research over the last 30 years. The Kenyan political opposition is employing all forms of corruption to influence public policy. The coalition has been purveying political corruption. Political corruption is the manipulation of the political institutions and the rules of procedure, and therefore it influences the institutions of government and the political system, and it frequently leads to institutional decay.

The corruption narrative by the coalition referencing itself as NASA, ODM, and at the same time CORD included alleging theft of billions of Kenya’s Eurobond, inflated costs of the standard gauge railway (SGR) besides theft in Ministry of Health. In all narratives, billions of shillings were stolen. However, the coalition forgot its key members were masterminds of the theft they were accusing the government of.

While they are followed religiously by their overzealous followers, the opposition coalition in Kenya is at crossroads. Their financiers, the coalitions rank and fold are drug traffickers and kingpins, looters of public funds, and extremely dubious and corrupt characters.


  1. Porojo Tu Ndo uhuru not a drug trafficker.have you ever seen him sobber? all he talks we understand is the result of hallucinations,thousands of people are dying because of the on-going doctor’s strike,mps are getting a “SMALL GIFT”of 11 Millions,betweem opposition and uhuru kenyatta,who is corrupt?

  2. Comment: Gentleman, Who Trained You On How To Pretentiously Block People’s Way Of Stripping The Reality…?

    I Have Never Met You But I Know That You Are A Gentle Soap Which Knows How To Shine The Outer Part Of The Calabash But Fails To Consider The Inner Part That Contains Porridge…

    Gentleman I Do Psychologically Convert You Post Into A Way Of Seeking A Political Favor From The Current Aristocratical Government…

    Thank Sir For Your Opinion Post…

  3. Who has paid this forum to write outrageous stuff about Kenyan leaders what has the current government paid this forum ?Who stole money in the ministry of health, NYS, why is it that we are losing many soldiers now than ever before in Somalia ? Do you buy “unga” for “ugali” ? Or Sugar for tea in Kenya? Do you know how much we are suffering in Kenya to make ends meet as low earners? Don’t fool us we need change and leadership that can listen and appreciate Doctors other than spending a Billion on Amina Muhammad ‘s campaigns and doctors are on streets threatened by court to be imprisoned. Where do you sleep in Kenya slums or bungalow? Check your info before you publish it, you are so much concentrating on one side of the coin and make conclusions.